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The Finger Wave Pro™ Method

The Finger Wave Pro™ method was established using a “step by step” process to create the finger wave. Once the method is mastered, the steps seemingly disappear only to be replaced with a fluid movement.

The Finger Wave Pro Method Blog

The Finger Wave Pro™ Method uses micro movements to establish the formation and transition of the hair into the direction desired – a wave pattern, or “S” pattern. When you are creating waves, they display a transition from one direction to the opposite, creating a flow or rhythm throughout the style. It is a series of creating waves in one direction, followed by creating the same waves in the opposite direction, and so on until the hair is completely engulfed in finger wave form.

There are many ways to create a finger wave form. You can use hot tools and roller sets to create the same effect, as alternative methods. The Finger Wave Pro™ Method is a traditional method. What does that mean? It is a manipulation of the hair using primarily the dexterity of your fingers and a simple comb.

Once you have mastered finger waves, using the Finger Wave Pro™ Method, you are off to the races! You can quickly set waves, and save time, compared to other methods. Finger waving is fun and surprisingly easy when you get the hang of it.

The Finger Wave Pro™ Method was created by Tiffany Marin. During her time in Cosmetology School, she realized the necessity to break down this style into easy to

understand steps. After teaching many of her fellow students this technique, it was only a matter of time before the Finger Wave Pro method would be shared with the masses!

This is such a timeless technique, and it should not be a source of frustration for stylists, but rather a source of joy within the art of hairstyling.

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