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If it’s so easy, why is it so hard?

What's a finger wave?

Why is it so hard to learn?

finger waves

Like any skill in life, it takes practice to get better. With finger waves the hardest part is, understanding how to form that first wave. Most people get upset and end up throwing the comb in the air before ever forming a ridge! Much like before you build a house, you must have the plans and then pour the foundation. Creating the perfect foundation, using the proper prepping instructions, is step one to creating awesome finger waves. After that, it is understanding that this fluid movement (the easy) comes in time, with patience and practice of the Finger Wave Pro Method.

You have to understand that there are many micro steps to creating the perfect wave. You can read about the Finger Wave Pro™ Method in the next post. If you focus on each step within the Finger Wave Pro Method, you will have all you need to master this fun technique and timeless style. Before you know it, you’ll be whipping through that hair, creating amazing waves with ease and confidence!

Most people experience a light bulb moment, where everything just clicks and makes sense. Be kind to yourself and allow all the time you need to master the micro movements.

Repetition is your friend!

Now, rinse and repeat!

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