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What's a "finger wave"?

The "finger wave" hairstyle is a technically challenging, classic 1920's hairstyle that transcends the decades.

Up to 90% of Hairstylists are unable to create finger waves.

Until now!

Finger Wave Pro is a step-by-step method of micro movements used to create perfect finger waves.

Finger Wave Pro has a 100% success rate!!!

Finger Wave Pro™

Finger Wave Pro™

Finger Wave Pro™
Finger Wave Pro™

Finger Wave Pro™

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Become a Pro!

  • Students trying to learn the advanced style

  • Seasoned Stylists perfecting their skills

  • Hair enthusiasts wanting to expand their repertoire


“Finger Wave Pro™ made learning the finger wave a snap!” 

—  Sara, Paul Mitchell Student

Looking to get on our wavelength?

Host a Finger Wave Pro™ class at your school or salon!
Sexy 1920's couple
Finger Wave Pro Sample
Wedding Finger Waves
Finger Wave Pro
Finger Wave Pro
Finger Wave Pro Model
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