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Why So Passionate?

Tiffany's Finger Wave

Why and when did I become so passionate about finger waves?

It all started in 2005 when I was attending my first cosmetology school. I had some really great teachers! However, the “dreaded” day of learning how to finger wave was upon us! I made it a point to be super present and open to learning. I had seen the technique as a style, but had no idea how to get to that end result. So, the teacher starts in…

“Get a bowl, put a lot of gel into it, pull out a comb, and let’s get started.”

I had heard horror stories from other students that finger waves suck! I heard, “they’re too hard!” and “those things are impossible!” and “finger waving sucks!” and then some. Despite all the negatives, I stood there feeling confident, knowing that I would be the star student. Not only that, I’d get it and be a master on my first try! Silly Tiffy!

We soaked our mannequins with water, filled our gel bowls, and put comb in hand.

The teacher proceeds with her demo… “Ok, you comb like this, then you swoop like this, drag the hair, take your fingers off, and comb.” In fact, I don’t even think she was that descriptive! She moved so quickly, it was hard to tell what was going on! She demoed again. Apprehensive laughter and confused faces looked around at each other, wondering, did anyone catch that? OH. MY. GOODNESS!

Squaring my shoulders, not accepting a defeatist attitude, I set in, placed my comb on the mannequin, and took a deep breath. I replayed what I saw in my mind, how she swooped so quickly, but created this lovely wave. I would recreate this movement. I moved my comb…. And I made, a lovely mess!

A little frustrated, we all asked the “old school” teacher to demo again. She did. And just as fast, just as non-instructional as before. Wow. Ok fine, this was going to be harder than I thought! I struggled all afternoon. Everyone did. Nobody got it. We failed finger waving 101.

I practiced several other times, reviewed the flat diagrams and description in my cosmetology book, all to no avail. Three weeks later, Hurricane Katrina ripped through my school, and my cosmetology career was put on hold.

Three years later, I enrolled in a new school, in a new state. Within a few weeks, finger wave day was upon us again! I remembered how difficult it was before, how I failed. But I old myself, this time you’ve got this! I actually don’t remember the instruction given on that day, but I do remember that it also lacked a step-by-step tutorial. Once again, a fluid movement, a mystery to behold! There was no precision, like learning how to cut or color hair. It was an art! Well, I fancied myself an artist. I HAD TO GET THIS!

I was determined to figure out how to break down this fluid artistic movement into steps that I could understand and follow. And so I did! Before I knew it, I had waved an entire side of the mannequin’s head! I was elated! I figured it out! I cracked the code! Immediately, I turned to show the students around me, everyone was struggling. I started showing my fellow classmates how to do it, how to make it a step-by-step first. As I was sharing with the gal next to me, the 2nd teacher in the room came over to see our progress. I was beaming, so proud to show him my awesome waves! I was ready to put my name in lights! I was shocked when he didn’t congratulate me! His response, “Ok, now, do the whole head.” WHAT??


Well, that was probably the best thing that happened to me. It made me focus and forced me to hone this skill further. That finger wave set is the very picture I use regularly to promote Finger Wave Pro™. Thanks Teach!!!

After that, I became known as The Finger Wave Queen at my school. Students would gather around me for their lesson. Some night students even came to school early to learn. I was more than happy to teach them! In fact, it was my very favorite thing to do while in school. It was amazing to watch these stylists have a light bulb moment… every one of them had a switch go off while learning. They went from not knowing what the heck they were doing, to being a pro! Or at least, well on their way!

During that time, I noticed 3 key factors that were the biggest stumbling blocks for most students. So I created 3 techniques to help them leap over those blocks, and to create amazing waves. Those 3 techniques are the core of The Finger Wave Pro Method. I teach these techniques in the official Finger Wave Pro™ video and also in my live trainings.

I’m so passionate about teaching finger waves for several reasons.

  1. I seriously struggled with this technique myself

  2. Every cosmetologist and hair artist should know how to do this

  3. It’s actually easy to do, once you learn how to, and fun!

  4. It’s a classic style that will never go out of style

  5. It’s easy for me now, and I love to teach it

  6. I live for that light bulb / light switch ON moment!

  7. It shouldn’t be a struggle for anyone to learn ANYMORE!

  8. I want finger wave day to be a happy & successful day!

So that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

Now I close with a question for you… What has been the hardest part of finger waving for you? Leave me a comment!

Thanks for watching! Happy Finger Waving!!!

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