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Tiffany Marin, Finger Wave Pro™

“Whether you are a Cosmetology student wanting to learn this advanced technique, or any other type of hair artist looking to learn and perfect a timeless and unique style, every hairstylist should know how to finger wave like a pro!”

Tiffany Marin

Founder & Finger Wave Queen

Finger waves are a point of frustration for most students. As a required skill for the state board exam, many students face anxiety about failing this requirement.  Tiffany Marin fell right into the same category when she started her cosmetology career in 2005 at Vanguard College – a Paul Mitchell School in Slidell, Louisiana. She was so excited to learn how to create this vintage style!  Much to her dismay, on the day of finger wave class, she failed to grasp the concept.  Shortly thereafter, Hurricane Katrina ravaged the state, her school, and home.  Three years later she enrolled at Empire Beauty School in Malden, MA. She received many accolades, a few of which were Student Mentor, Creative Design Achievement, and Style Specialist. She was voted by her peers and instructors to represent the school as the Student of the Year for the 2008-2009 class. It was at this school that she discovered her knack for finger waves.


Tiffany figured out a way to break down the skill into easy, teachable steps. She taught every requesting student how to turn these steps into a fluid movement. She also discovered her passion for teaching others at this time.

She was labeled as the Finger Wave Queen and students would gather by the handful to get their one-on-one lesson. Helping others to gain the timeless skill of finger waving was her most treasured achievement.


Tiffany started her professional career with her own chair, working side by side with a Master Stylist in Newburyport, MA. Tiffany moved to Florida in 2010. There, she enrolled at Cozmo Beauty School in Bonita Springs, FL. With her new passion for teaching and flare for finger waves, Tiffany taught as many students as possible her special technique. It was a wonderful experience for her. She even had the instructors taking note! Tiffany received her FL Cosmetology license in April 2010.

She has since shared her talent as a makeup artist in local theatre, as a hairstylist in 2 national salons, and as a freelance wedding hairstylist and make up artist. Tiffany is now pouring her heart and passion into helping students and professional artists alike by teaching them her special technique of finger waving. She is pursuing her goal of educating others with this timeless style and artistic technique. Her sights are set on teaching EVERYONE how to finger wave.  She is currently working on changing all cosmetology textbook teachings to the Finger Wave Pro method.  She has a 100% success rate with students learning how to finger wave with this method.

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